12 Michigan Artists that made waves in 2015

By: Thomas DeVoy

There are so many incredible artists from Michigan that it was next to impossible to narrow this list down to only 12. This list is in no particular order. If you ever have the opportunity to check any of these artists out, I promise you they are worth it. If you already have, thank you so much for supporting these artists and the local music scene. YOU ARE AWESOME!

1. Secret Grief (Muskegon, MI)

The Sea Of Trees was released in 2015 and as a celebration Secret Grief Gathered together a ten piece band to perform the record. This release is hands down the best thing they have ever done. Also they make the list because Scott Nelson (pictured above) is wearing the same sweater I am currently wearing writing this article.

2. The Fever Haze (Holland, MI)

These guys have a unique sound that sets them apart from other bands in the area. Their newest release "Dear Fate" might just be my anthem to 2015. Fun fact: Members of The Fever Haze made up part of Secret Griefs 10 piece band.

3. Hot Mulligan (Lansing, MI)

Hot Mulligan made it into our hearts when they we're just some kids from the UP driving 10+ hours to every gig. But fans latched onto them immediately like nothing I have seen before. They we're technically a Michigan band, but they were far from Local. Now that they have moved to civilization, I am excited to see what comes next!

4. Signature Mistakes (Westland, MI)

Signature Mistakes takes an honest look on what it's like to live in Michigan. You don't have to jam to jam, if you know what I mean.

5. Rival Summers (Detroit, MI)

Rival Summers impressed me. Their live show is incredible, social media pictures are beautiful, and they successfully crowd funded their upcoming 2016 LP release, raising just over $10,000.00. We always say that together as a music community, we can make anything happen. These boys have really taken that to heart!

6. Parkway & Columbia (Brighton, MI)

Voted #1 most underrated band by Zach Micklea and myself. I know I rave about Parkway all the time. It might be because I have seen these kids grow up and made it my personal goal to equip and coach them as much as they need. Setting the emotional attachment aside, these guys play well together. On top of that they have a solid creative vision for their music's personality. Oh and they record all of their music in their basement. They have a full length set to release for digital streaming January 19th, 2016 and you know I will be the first in line for a copy!

7. Alaska (Brighton, MI)

Let's get this out of the way... I play in this band. When you create a publication, I would encourage you to shamelessly self promote as well. That aside, I really can't discard them from this list. It continuously surprises me when we play new area's that people actually show up to see us. Sure it's not a ton yet, but there's definitely something there. And they would be just as successful if they had someone else playing drums. So there we go, shameless plug, moving on.

8. All is Well (Grand Rapids, MI)

I hear people talking about All is Well frequently, so I can't deny that there is definitely something there. I personally love the sound. The intricate guitar parts is what really gets me. Can't wait for what 2016 has in store for them! 

9. Prima Vera (Detroit, MI)

One dude and his guitar, for now. I think what impresses me more than his music (Which is incredible) is the way he interacts with the local music community. If you need tips, he's your man. 

10. The Tiny Ugly Germs (Port Huron, MI)

Punk Rock at it's best. These guys know how to jam. But on top of that they have self booked a couple DIY tours, which is no easy task if you've ever attempted it.

11. Dalinian (Fenton, MI)

I've seen these guys live more times than I can count, and every time they exceed my expectations. They know how to play together, and they know exactly who they want to be. And you have to enjoy Tyler Remington's new mustache. 

12. Backpacks (Mount Pleasant, MI)

Backpacks has stepped up in every way possible making their newest release "Still Life" one of my most listened to record of 2015.