Parkway & Columbia Releases New Single "Space."

By: Thomas DeVoy

Brighton based indie band Parkway & Columbia released their first single today from their upcoming sophomore album titled "Transmissions." Which is set to be released January 19th. 

"Space depicts the longing for a change, but fearing the change may never come."

After listening to a good chunk of this new album (Tyler wouldn't show me the whole thing) I feel confident in saying that this this is the best thing they have ever done hands down. To make it even better they recorded the whole thing themselves in their basement. It's an honor to have watched them grow as artists and as a band. I can't wait for the full album releasing January 19th!  Take a listen to their new single below:

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THOMAS DEVOY is the Founder and Creative Director of Urban Geographer. Connect with him on social media @DEVOY_THOMAS

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