Q&A with Nathan and Mark of Forest Green.

From left to right: Dan Horn, Nathan Urband, Mark Duhaime and Chris Bloom. Photo courtesy of Forest Green.

From left to right: Dan Horn, Nathan Urband, Mark Duhaime and Chris Bloom. Photo courtesy of Forest Green.


Let's start with a couple questions about the new EP. Is it going to be a full-length?

(Nathan) This new EP we're releasing is going to have 5 songs on it.

When did the band begin writing for the new EP?

(N) We began writing for this EP a while ago now. The last song on this new album was probably written a month or two after we released our first EP. We tend to write pretty slowly, so the rest of the songs were written and fleshed out throughout the past winter and spring.

Have you named the EP yet?

(N) Yeah! I think we had a name before we even recorded any of the songs. We're calling it Dead is Dead.

Is there any inspiration behind the name or are there any present themes in any of the writing?

(Mark) I, unfortunately, had to swallow the truth of my 11 (year-old) cousin Cassidy's death after she put up with a year-long battle with cancer. It was the hardest thing I have ever went through and was an extremely dark and painful time. Through that time, I felt very alone and didn't feel much comfort from friends or the girl who I've grown very fond of. These songs basically reflect how I feel dealing with the loss of love, family and friends.

Where did you guys record for the EP?

(N) We recorded at the same place we went to last time; Oneder Studios. Our pal Nick Diener recorded it for us in Saginaw, and it was mixed by Mark Michalik in Chicago. Both of those guys do amazing work by making us sound bigger/better than we have any right to be.

Any ideas on when the EP is going to be released?

(M) The date has not been set, but it will be released either late-October or early-November!

What is it like being a part of the Michigan music scene?

(N) We have a lot of friends in other bands all around Michigan. It's really cool to play shows around here, because more often than not, we'll get to see our friends and see what each other are up to. Backpacks, Dalinian, Hot Mulligan, Baggage, Call Your Shots, Pines -- really there are a bunch of bands from around here that we really enjoy having the chance to play with. It's really cool to have everyone be so supportive of one another. You always see people who say "the scene is dead," but I think that's pretty ignorant to say. Bands are more spread out around the mitten, I think, but there are so many talented artists here in Michigan. It's overwhelming.

I see that Mark and Nathan are the ones listed as band members on some of your social media profiles, but you also have some photos with more than two members. Any lineup changes or is Forest Green still primarily Mark and Nathan?

(N) Mark and I originally started this project with just the two of us. Our thought process was kind of like, "if we write and release this first EP, people will freak out and come running to join our band!" I don't think we anticipated how hard it'd be to find a concrete lineup of people to play with. While Mark and I primarily write the material, I think we found a good couple of guys who fit well in the band. First, we got a bassist in Dan Horn. He's been in a bunch of bands around Michigan before we eve played instruments, so it's helpful to have someone kind of be the old soul in the band to give advice. We just recently started playing with Chris Bloom on guitar, who played in the band Call Your Shots. He's stupid good at guitar and can pick stuff up really fast. So we don't want to jinx it, but I'd say we have a pretty steady lineup finally.

You guys have been a little quiet lately. Any reason for the low profile?

(N) We've been kind of quiet on social media for a few reasons. The biggest  reasons is because we were focusing on getting everything done for the new EP. Second, we've always been of the mind that people's time is valuable, and we don't want to waste it on news that isn't important. Third, I'm admittedly pretty bad at keeping our Facebook up to date. I wasn't really a social media kind of guy before we started this band (laughs). But with our new release coming out, we'll definitely have more time to focus on keeping current in people's minds, so please don't forget about us!

Looking ahead after your release of the EP, is there any other upcoming news that we can look forward to?

(M) All we plan to do upon release is play a whole lot of shows around Michigan and touring with our good friends.