"Flint Matters" T Shirt To Benefit Flint Children


February 1, 2016


Direct Contact:

Zach Micklea




Urban Geographer will be donating all profits from the “The Flint Matters” t-shirt to Danny Moilanen and Vehicle City Fest to benefit The Flint Child Health and Development Fund.

BRIGHTON – Urban Geographer (UG) announced today, February 1, 2016, that it has launched an IndieGoGo campaign as a preorder for their upcoming clothing line.

One of the designs, “The Flint Matters,” features the text, “FLINT MATTERS,” as a full-front design printed across the chest. This design is a statement about The Flint Water Crisis, in which 6,000-12,000 children have been poisoned due to lead in the water.

UG was started as an organization that vowed to raise money for local charities and give back to the community. 

After seeing the media coverage of this ongoing tragedy for the past few months, Thomas and myself decided we want to help. Rather than host a competing event or fundraiser, we decided to print shirts, in which people can wear, and donate the proceeds to someone who we know will put it to good use. His name is Danny Moilanen.

UG fully supports Danny, Vehicle City Fest and will do anything to help. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us for these past several months. It means the world to us, but right now, there are thousands of children that need your help. Please support them in any way you can.

- Thomas DeVoy & Zach Micklea

UPDATE: It was pointed out to us that it was not clear if we were donating the money or not before this press release was posted. We are terribly sorry for this confusion. We want everyone to know that we (Thomas and Zach) would NEVER profit in any way from a tragedy. Our number one goal is to help those in need, and right now, Flint needs help.