1: The Heart Behind Urban (Part 1 of 2)

By Thomas DeVoy

Urban geographer is growing. While still technically a start up, in the past three months we have gone from reaching zero people; to reaching 2% of Livingston County and 5% of our targeted demographic. Which is an incredibly exciting and humbling accomplishment. With that, I wanted to write this series as a reminder to myself as we continue to grow, expand, and monetization becomes a factor in our decisions, I want the HEART and the MISSION of UG to stay the same.

Always Lift up, Encourage, and Celebrate the community.

Always put PEOPLE over profit.

My name is Thomas DeVoy. I am a 22 year old dude that moved from Ann Arbor to Brighton, MI seven months ago. Living in downtown has given me the opportunity to get outside and walk around, which in the past has been something I have never really done before. Seeing a place from a car window and actually getting out there and walking around are two completely different experiences all together. Even though I have visited Brighton for groceries, food, and entertainment; I would drive to the individual place, experience it independently, and then get in my car and drive away.

That being said, I was absolutely shocked at the richness of life and the quality of the people that surrounded me. For a suburb on the outskirts of the metro Detroit area, this place has a wonderfully unique culture. From artisans and musicians to local restaurants and independent theaters, Livingston County is a spade; cultivating and growing uniquely skilled people. 

Meeting people that were making a difference in this community made me fall in love with the soul of Brighton. It's wasn't about the location or the environment, it was about the PEOPLE.

They are authentic. Genuinely caring about the products they were creating; and it resonated within every word they spoke. 

I needed everyone to know these people exist. I have existed around Brighton my entire life and never knew that there are so many incredible artists creating hand made leather goods, beautiful illustrations, unique food, powerful music and cinematography. 

That's how Urban Geographer was born.

We celebrate LIFE+CULTURE

At the heart of it, we want to create a place where Local artists and fans connect. Where we can show off these people in an ascetically pleasing way to encourage and add value. Urban will strive to seek out and raise up the upstarts and fresh bands to help the community thrive and create an environment where the community and the people inside it can grow together and encourage one another.

The success of this site so far could not have been accomplished if it wasn't for the artists that surrounds Urban and people finding value in them. So partner with us. I want to hear from the community. Comment below and tell me what is it that you see value in? What can Urban Geographer do to lift up, encourage, and celebrate it?


As cool as this site is, liking the Facebook page and following the instagram are the fastest ways for you to connect with Urban Geographer to get up-to-date information as soon as it's released.