4: Venues and House Shows (Part 2 of 2)

By John Galubensky


A lot of uncertainty once shrouded the music scene in Livingston County. There was a sudden drop off of shows at the traditional venues and attendees and band members graduated their respective high schools and moved on to college or just lost interest. It’s something that cannot be prevented, it’s like any fashion trend or top 40 song that hits the radio, eventually losing it's luster. 

But at the core there were some people that wanted to keep it going. So they gathered up their hand-me-down, garage sale bought PA systems and asked their parents if they could allow strangers into their basement and do what they loved. Instead of the usual pressure of having to impress a single person who was putting on the show, they could have a party. Gathering up their friend’s bands and maybe a few bands from out of the area, asking them to come play in their basement and just have a good time with it.

House shows just have an easy going feel to them. The rush of adhering to a more organized system is not there. As a band it’s comparable to a “band practice” environment just now you have your friends there laughing with you and shouting at you in between songs. Everyone feels comfortable, the connection between artist and fan is far easier. So why should there be a feeling of competition?

I don’t know, I reached out to a lot of people in the area that experienced the same thing that I did and a lot of really good points were brought up. In the e-mails, texts, and conversations we had; it all seemed to have a common theme woven through our words. It’s a deep love for a community that has brought us so many memories. For the few of us that remain we want to keep it going and give another person a chance to have similar memories that we share.

What I really hope to be able to share with you is an effort to help celebrate each concert in the area. Help each other promote shows someone is putting on that is celebrating the local artist. Whether it be a house show or Opera House show we are all in this together. The momentum is building and it’s time to push forward and make what we have really special.

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