16: Why We Printed T-Shirts

The "Integrity" shirt is my favorite. Not because I think it looks the best. We poured our hearts into every design. It's my favorite because I think about Bucky's quote every time I make a decision. 

Right now, we are just a startup, but our dreams are much bigger than that. Not of company growth, bigger office space, more employees or a sports car in my driveway (Or just a driveway. I rent an apartment). I am talking about radically changing the way we work with musicians.

We are not like other promoters. In fact, I hate the word. It brings preconceived ideas about how we handle our artists. Our goal is not to book shows. Concert promotion is just a byproduct. Our true mission is to create an incredible group of people bound by the love of music to create an inclusive community so strong that every single person feels accepted, cared for and valued.

When I look at these shirts, I see way more than just something I can wear. I look at them as a representation of our big goals, however far out they may be from now. 

Know that Zach and I are doing everything we can to help every artist in our community reach whatever goal they have. Because to us, they're invaluable. Not just for the sake of art, but for the sake of our community.

The next big thing is out there. Who knows? It might just be you. 

-Thomas DeVoy // Creative Director of Urban Geographer