Backpacks Release New Single "Calls."


MOUNT PLEASANT - For the first time in nearly a year, Backpacks has released new music. "Calls" is a new single, and it is streaming exclusively on Punktastic today.

The song was inspired by real things that singer and guitar player Austen Reno went through in his personal life.

"It was a pretty awful time," Reno said. "I was terribly caught up emotionally in people who didn't feel the same way, but sometimes led me to believe they did, and then they left."

Reno says he felt a lot of anger towards these people, and this single is a product of it all.

"I'm no longer angry, and I understand why these things happened," Reno said. "It all worked out for the best."

Backpacks will be playing in Columbus, Ohio tonight at Double Happiness for Everyone Leaves' EP release show of The Lonely End EP. At the end of the month, the band will be going on a three day tour, reaching Indiana and Illinois. 

Backpack's plans for the future do not end there. They will also be heading to Oneder Studios with producer Nick Diener to record their next EP.

You can stream "Calls" here.