EXCLUSIVE: Eat Your Bluesy Hearts Out with The Gold Tops' New Single.


By: Terri Powys

Urban Geographer is proud to have the exclusive of blues-rock band The Gold Tops’ latest single, “Bastardized,” which can be streamed below. 

Hailing from Milford and Rochester, Michigan, the band’s members include Brendan Golda on drums and Mitchell Pysz on vocals and guitar.

“The new material is going to be like blues/soul rock. We have a few that are kind of upbeat, but there are going to be quite a bit of songs that are like our other single "Into the Blue" which we recorded before we decided to call this a band,” said drummer Golda.

After growing up together as close friends, the two young guys decided to form a band, and they began writing rock ‘n’ roll material. Though they are currently looking for a bassist to complete their lineup, Golda and Pysz are still persistent on releasing new material this summer as a two-piece.

“You can expect that some of the two-piece songs will be coming out sporadically throughout the summer. Some of them are going to be turned into full band songs, and the album should be done by mid to late fall,” said Golda.

The Gold Tops were also included on the lineup for Urban Geographer’s Liv Free mini-festival last March, but were known as Holocene at the time.

In the meantime, look forward to seeing The Gold Tops in an Oakland Underground session.