Alex Kostka Releases New Single "One and Done."

Photo by Dave Daniele

Photo by Dave Daniele


BAY CITY - Solo acoustic artist Alex Kostka released a new single today called "One and Done." The song will be featured on Kostka's upcoming album, which does not yet have a release date.

The album is a work-in-progress due to the recording process Kostka and producer Chris Tanner are working with.

"We are taking [the recording] slow and focusing on each song individually, as if it was its own project," Kostka said.

The song was written in 2013, and Kostka did not originally think the song would last this long.

"Honestly, I never thought I would keep this specific song," Kostka says. "There was something about it that I didn't find appealing and [the song] didn't quite go along with the group of songs I was working on during that time period."

But something changed his mind.

"'One and Done' was making more sense with what I was going through in life as time went on, and now here we are," Kostka said.

Kostka hopes this single will give everyone an idea of where his music is heading. 

You can stream the song below and purchase it on iTunes here.

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