EXCLUSIVE: Culture Releases New Single, “Wasted.”

By: Thomas DeVoy

HOWELL - New Michigan pop project, CULTURE, released a new single today called “Wasted.” 

The new project’s members are Justin Cole and Randy Najar, formerly of Bring All Your Friends.

The song has a hidden message according to Cole. 

"This song, at face value, is just another party song about drinking and having a good time,” Cole says. “To me, it's a little more than that. It's about drinking to distract yourself from your problems, in this case, a quarter-life crisis.”

Cole believes the song’s true message appeals to everyone to some degree.

“I think a lot of people resist growing up or feel like they have to get as much fun in as possible before they get too old,” Cole says. “Although we all handle things differently, everyone experiences that mindset to some extent."

The new single, “Wasted,” can be streamed exclusively on Urban Geographer below.