A sign of a thriving community is an extensive participation in the arts. Live music promotes interaction in public spaces, increases civic participation through celebration, engages the youth in community events and encourages a positive community attitude. The Arts not only elevate the health and excitement of the area. It also inspires creativity, resonating in every aspect of the city.

Businesses that support the local arts experience brand trust and recognition, which cannot be obtained anywhere else. Supporting Urban Geographer means helping us build a strong community around art and music, allowing artists of all ages to have a professional and safe place to perform. 

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Four Things That Make Us Unique.

Amplify Storytelling Online.

We write articles, blogs and news pertaining to Michigan artists and other creatives in the community. This celebrates and encourages local musicians to work hard to promote events and engage with their fans online as well as in person.

Because we engage with fans and bands by creating content about them, they share our content to increase traffic to our site.

Creating valuable online content increases our brand perception and trust. Having brand equity allows us to gain customer trust instead of focusing solely on bands' individual draw. 

Live Music Events.

We plan awesome monthly music events focusing on original music and culture within each community. Most local music events have 20-40 people in attendance. With our management, we have been able to increase attendance 10x per event. This was accomplished by putting in the investment upfront to create a strong following by encouraging online engagement.

We believe our systems work and have a proven track record of growth. As we grow, the value of your sponsorship marketing grows alongside it. Our events create value for local businesses and the community as a whole. 

Turning Loyalists Into Vocal Advocates.

We create environments online and at events for people to engage with one another, as well as local businesses to engage with potential customers. We actively connect people and make customers feel comfortable interacting on a personal level.

We also develop content to help artists learn how to market themselves. We give all of our resources away for free because we believe allowing artists the access to resources strengthens the music scene as a whole and increases attendance and participation at events.

Responsible Spending.

Gaining sponsorship revenue allows us to continue to keep our organization running and maintain our core values.  We give 100% of the ticket sales to the performing artists.

This allows bands to continue to fund their passion, gives bands an acceptable ROI and is exponentially more than other promoters pay to bands.

We also budget to give 10% of everything Urban Geographer makes to charities helping communities locally and all around the world.

GOLD SPONSOR (The only tier we offer)

What we provide for you:

  • Sponsor info table available at your community event for you to directly engage with local potential customers.
  • Logo on our monthly local event flyer.
  • Logo/name on event page on our website/Facebook page. (5k-8k person reach every month)
  • Logo on our sponsors page.
  • Logo on our sponsors  stand alone banner at events. (Your own 78" x 33" stand alone banner with your logo set up at your community event.)
  • Mentions of business on social media event through posting. (Every person on the event gets a notification that we posted)
  • Logo on our monthly email newsletter sent directly to local followers.

My name is Thomas DeVoy, and I am passionate about strengthening communities by providing amazing local music events. I believe your business has the opportunity to grow with us as we add incredible value to this city by promoting local musicians and artists, providing them professional spaces to showcase their art. I would love to talk to you about opportunities for your business to grow by supporting community arts.

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