Video Projects.

I've never been great at filming. But I've had a ton of fun trying my best on 100's of videos. 

This first video was filmed with one camera. The Mevo Camera. Audio was taken externally.

I've done a countless interview style videos but I think this one really stands out. Tyler (The guy playing guitar above) announcing some upcoming shows for Urban Geographer. Shot with a Canon T3i with an on board Rhode Shotgun Mic.

I did a couple of commercials for some local businesses in Michigan. The first was made for the ads you see before your movie starts at the theater. The second was for a facebook campaign for Champ Supply Co, a manufacturer of handmade leather products.

I've done some recap videos for events as well. I love running around pointing the camera at whatever I see.

And finally, I was asked to consult for a man who wanted to build his personal brand by vlogging. Realizing I had never vlogged I thought I should probably try it out. It was a blast and I want to pick it back up as soon as I can get away from my computer screen.